The V Spot: RAD Vegan Sundries

Dear Friends,
A huge thank you for your love and support of The V Spot!
Sadly, after nearly 2 years, we’ll be shutting down Tuesday, ironically on Halloween. Because we don’t sell animal meat and cheese, not because it wasn’t profitable, we’re having to close. Scary.🤡🎃

The offer was made that if The V Spot sold animal meat and cheese it could stay, that was simply too ghoulish to ever consider, as The V Spot owner has been an ethical vegan for nearly 40 years and would never abandon those sacred principles and values.

Moving into next week, inventory is thinning out but there still may be a t-shirt or two with The V Spot’s “Raddie Radish” logo, if you’d like a souvenir. A portion of the t-shirt, sticker, button proceeds have always benefitted Animal Haven of Asheville and will to the end.

On that note,  any ideas for The V Spot to relocate, please contact us at
In lieu of that, there are 2 nice, recently serviced Tru merchandise coolers that need to go – a donation to Animal Haven will be made.
From its inception, The V Spot served as a tiny vegan concession shop in the River Arts District and did its best to support local food and beverage makers, markets, co-ops, craftspeople, artists, and others.
The V Spot enjoyed serving as a place for locals and visitors to pop in for snacks and drinks that were not only vegan but Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, and mostly Gluten-free. Many of the snack companies were certified B Corp. Concessions to feel good about purchasing and consuming.
The V Spot’s philosophy encompasses the compassionate vibe of Asheville that includes consideration for the animals, nature and the planet, conscious companies and growers, healthy living and nutrition.
May that spirit live on and thrive in Asheville and beyond.
We’ll miss you!
Peace to all beings, everywhere.💖


Join the RAD vegan revolution!
It’s all about love, compassion, and fun!


Monday – Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am-5pm
Located in Marquee
36 Foundy St.
Asheville, NC 28801